Design & Construction

design & constructionWe understand the building process

The origins of Eclipse lie in architecture and design, so these topics are deeply embedded in the partnership. We take the view that everyone benefits when our buildings, spaces, neighbourhoods and cities are visually attractive, supportive of social activities, ecologically friendly and economically viable – thereby promoting human health, productivity, and civic pride. Design is the process by which these attributes are embedded in the built environment, and has long been recognised as a key generator of value.

Complementing good design is an efficient and well-managed construction industry that understands the needs of clients and society, and is able to respond by building projects that offer good value for money, that minimise waste, that are durable and easy to manage, and are efficient in use.

Our research interests bridge across from the early stages of the design process, to issues of improving the collaboration and communication between design and construction, through to studies of operating and using buildings after hand-over.