energyWe’re leaders in understanding energy use in buildings

Eclipse has worked at the forefront of UK research into energy use in buildings for more than 25 years. We established energy benchmarks, and have published case studies and best practice guides for various building types. The Energy Management Matrix prepared for BRECSU (now managed by the Carbon Trust) in the early 1990s has been used by thousands of organisations, and adapted for use in Australia and Asia.

We helped prepare the UK Housing Energy Fact File 2013 for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. This uses a sophisticated model to show how energy is used in our homes, and gives pointers to policy-makers about how to cut energy consumption in dwellings. It charts the rise in average winter temperature of our homes: 4 degrees warmer now, on average across all rooms and over 24 hours, than in 1970.

Among other things, the Fact File tells you that we used a third more energy for heating, but less energy for cooking and water heating by 2012. It also shows that the average CO2 emissions from each home fell by nearly half in the last four decades, how much household energy now comes from which renewable sources, and how many homes we can still insulate or upgrade in other ways to meet greenhouse gas targets.

Eclipse also recently researched the latest developments in thermal storage and insulation materials for the Department of Communities and Local Government. Our comprehensive literature review combed through 100 of the most useful recent publications, and our Expert Panel Meeting brought together leadings lights in the field.

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