Monitoring & Evaluation

monitoring & evaluationWe excel in monitoring & evaluating large projects

We have exceptional experience of acting as both in-team and third party evaluators. We have worked across whole research programmes, clients’ portfolios as well as individual projects. Eclipse has undertaken monitoring and evaluation activities for the EU, UK government departments and agencies, research councils, regional development agencies and charities. We have, for instance, monitored and evaluated the introduction of new standards, new design tools and technologies, government-sponsored advisory services, knowledge exchange networks, and the development of innovative on-line civic services.

We offer both formative evaluation – during projects help participants improve their work, and summative – impact assessment at the end of projects to gauge their success. We operate using a guiding principle: people should not be evaluated against success criteria that they haven’t had a hand in formulating.

We are currently helping the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to evaluate the EU-funded PERIPHÈRIA Project: Networked Smart Peripheral Cities for Sustainable Lifestyles.