Stakeholder Engagement

stakeholder engagementWe’ve done lots of work to encourage dialogue and mutual understanding

We have long experience of helping private and public sector organisations plan their futures. Eclipse has helped both very large and very small organisations to understand how they and their activities are seen in-house (by their board members and staff) and by outsiders (clients, customers, suppliers and other relevant third parties).

We have undertaken futures studies, engaged in strategic planning and run stakeholder dialogue events for the EU and UK Government Departments. We have arbitrated in proposed mergers between professional organisations, helped firms develop their forward planning, and conducted workshops to enable organisations to canvass their stakeholders’ views. We have assisted charities and voluntary organisations to re-launch themselves and to seek new forms of external funding. And we have enabled educational institutions to review their courses in relation to their specialised market place.

We recently undertook a review for the University of Surrey of its environmental postgraduate and doctoral courses, raising its awareness of changes in industrial demand and the much fiercer rivalry its courses now face than when they were first established.